Saturday, October 17, 2009

Puzzle in Progress

does this look familiar to you?
the amazing boyfriend found this in a puzzle store!
the women with the parasol (right) by Claude Monet
i was copying it the last time here;
now i have a kinda like...real version where i can frame!
its 1014 pieces!! MINI nya!~
and so we set to do it in gohtong, we spent about 6 hoursto reach this stage,
now that the boyfriend is not around,
i have to complete the rest myself,
RIGHT.... GREAT.....
the sky is all blue, and the grass colors, i wonder how long it will take me to complete???


yee.wean said...


Fei said...

haha i say...6 months!!!

yee.wean said...

keep me update then!!!
good luck!!