Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Online GIRLY Shopping : Mango Image

of course nothing beats the experience
of shopping and walking in a mall!

but im very tired, like any ... aunty!
who has to cook and make dinner,
clean the house, do grocery,
do the laundry, lecture the men,

the only time i really have for myself is
internet time (and my headphones)
to shut off the world!

so i indulge in this activity;
online shopping (BAD BAD BAD!!!)
it was something triggered from
shopping in FLAVA boutique,
it makes me want to try buying
things i may not even dare to buy before!

when i bought my SCARF from FLAVA,
it was really something that changed;
i know scarf may mean nothing to you,
but i have a thing for all this things like
hats, scarfs, boots, leggings, anklets,
hairbands, ribbons, puffy dress,
so many things i like to see on other people!

so i decided with Mango Image,
(an online shopping manage by my cousin)
i should try to be adventurous!

first of all i have nothing like this with a BELT.
(Ms. G10 remember i keep mentioning abt belt??)
not sure if i can fit into it, if i cant, never mind,
cos its only RM32.00 lor!~ like what US$10??
i think this model sold this V neck dress to me;
cos she's a bit more meat than the rest,
which i may feel make sense for my meaty hips too!
it look so easy to slip on and casual,
i bought a Grey color version for RM34.00
i think this is way out of my league buy,
i dont wear such CUTE things, my god!
but since im running out of casual wear,
i can try this Trendy Blinky Dress for RM33.00
i really like the V style dont i? hahah!!!
i just realize a lot things i owned is a V style!
shipment is RM8 with Skynet within West Malaysia,
the payment is secured,
now all i have to do is wait for the stock and see if i fit!
even if i dont i still cant return to my cousin,
so i think i'll pass it to ALL my skinny friends then!

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