Monday, August 10, 2009


而这张是- woman with parasol (right)
there's wind direction to consider!
there's shadow to consider!
there's skin color and facial expression!
it took me a while to figure out a process
on what to paint first, i made it into 3 parts
i began with coloring the sky and the land,
i know its difficult to achieve the exact same color,
so this blue will do. and i didnt copy the brush stroke too!
i notice the fadish color of pink, yellow, and tinge of purple,
so i painted it as background, which i think i can re-use later
spent the longest time painting the details of the darker colors
the dark greens, dark blues, dark purples, and some brown.
i'm not able to achieve the effect of the wind blowing ....
here comes the toughest part for me, PEOPLE, HUMAN!!!
i asked my mom for advice she said i shud use a pencil to trace it,
i dont think its a good idea, so i think i shall just use WHITE,
if anything goes wrong i can somehow still cover it... heheh
to be frank with you, this is the scariest part,
i'm worried that i'll not paint a human looking human
(if u know what i mean?)
im scared that it will turn out wrong and i have to
DESTROY this painting for fear i cudnt look at it!
actually this part took me the longest time!
the skirt is soooooo tough, from white, to beige, to pink!
i did not manage to achieve the SHADOW that Monet has
i ended up NOT following the colors of the painting,
because its easier for me to use whats already on my palette,
the red tones. and the hat is damn modern, damn Parisian,
compared to the original painting of a bookish hat! :)
the scarf is an add on too..and the hair is missing!!!
so what do i do? takkan i want her to look BOTAK (bald) right?
so i thought the easiest is curly brown hair, easy and young,
suddenly the whole picture is like a little girl holding a parasol!
hmmm, i learnt a very important lesson here,
planning prevents possible failure.... :)


jooknun said...

everything before the human with umbrella is just perfect.

Feister said...

hahaha!! it looks comical right?? LOL!~ luckily it doesnt look too scary... just comical.... ~

AlCock said...

wow, I should learn from you. You are a master of watercolour impressionist paintings. :D