Monday, December 3, 2012

one time a day

this would be an important post to me personally, i realize i have lost track of what i did in one day that could make a difference in someone's life.

i hope it would be quite easy to lay down in bed after the end of day and focus on things that makes us human, and by becoming aware of these things, hopefully the good would be more than the bad or i can improve on the bad thoughts or deeds and i would be a better/balance person...

Recall: one significant good/nice/kind  thing or thoughts or deeds that i did today for others that made things better for them

Recall: one significant bad/evil/shit thing or thoughts or deeds that i did today to others which i should apologize for and never do it again (if possible)

well the thought struck me on Sunday after JLO's concert at Stadium Merdeka as I was taking the train home, so i reflected on the day...

i help a tiny kid carry his luggage when he arrived at his station with his family because the luggage was almost taller than him! his parents said thank you, i said you're welcome

i was not patient at all heading to the JLO's concert as i was walking super fast while my friend mary was left behind, i felt really bad and i think i was really selfish to only focus on getting to the gates and nearly lost my friend.

on Monday,
i spoke to a group of fellow interviewees who are also being interviewed for a special program slot to go to japan next year, i dont think i did any immediate kind thing, but i have good thoughts about them, they are all superb in their fields, and even if they dnt make it there or i dont make it there, i really respect them for trying and be so good at their field too, in fact, i listened... i think that was a good improvement...

i was very impatient at the check in line at LCCT, the Vietnamese family in front of me was being demanding despite their luggage being in excess and still demanding the staff to be nice to them, and i think i got really annoyed with the fact that they are a really rich family (well from the way they look and the overweight stuff they bought) i had really like shit thoughts about them missing their flights, losing their baggage and had to pay for everything, it was a horrible thought, i should not even do that in the first place!

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