Thursday, November 22, 2012

a book in the toilet

this could be a pretty gross write up.

but definitely useful for people who find that there are now LESS time to read a BOOk because we are so connected to our phone that we are reading through our phones anyway but because we're reading through phones, how much are we really concentrating cos we're also busy replying whatsapp msgs too?

so there is a growing pile of books which are only halfway done in my room, i thought the best way of finishing them would actually to put them in the toilet AND not taking my phone with me when i go to toilet. and WOW.....

i actually finish one whole book over the course of 1 week of toilet time! RESULT! 

it's a simple book no less, with lots of dialogues unfolding to lead you to the end of the book so i guess its an average speed time. i was pretty impress with the result so i have started a second book in the toilet, well, i pick one that is NOT EXCITING when i first read it, and one that i read half way 10 years ago.

Within 1 week I have thumb through 100 pages of heavy words, I remember it cos i made it a point to record the amount of pages over the course of 1 week, and back then it doesnt sound exciting but now it was like a really good read, how things have change! I am quite please with the result.

there is no such thing of leaving the book and not remembering the details, even though it wasnt an everyday affair to just read in the toilet (cos sometimes i was late and rushing to go out) i still manage to do that say for 15mins on average and easily stop at a page or chapter and pick up later. i am super please with the result.

you should try it sometime!

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