Thursday, December 13, 2012

when the BIRDS are screaming outside your window

every morning, my dad will religiously stand at the balcony to feed the pigeons and birds with grains that he purchased from the local market every other sunday. they are a very happy bunch for sure, well fed and chubby.

some mornings, i even catch my dad "greeting" the birds, it could be a "hello!" or just a "hungry??" in mandarin like a dad to a child who wants candy, and the even more surprising thing is, the birds can recognize him, its freaky but every time he steps onto the balcony they would all flock up to the roof or ledge to be fed. sometimes when i step out there, they may fly up too but eventually they recognized that im NOT the feeder, so less of them flock up when they see me. very smart birds. haha.

and yes it amazes me what craziness runs in my family. but im happy we are quirky that way.

so it wasn't at all STRANGE to me one day when my dad left to work in the morning and the house was really peaceful with birds chirping as usual. until my dad came home in the afternoon.

just after my dad came back and showered, i was standing near the window doing my stuff, and suddenly CRAZY bunch of birds were CHIRPING, no...SCREAMING off their heads, i find it really funny and didnt look out of the window and laugh at my dad "the birds now even knew when you reach home??????" crazeeee! "but why are they so loud and excited??? super hungry??"

my dad said "they are building a nest on the rooftop, maybe they have guests come over to visit"

obviously i laugh some more!

a few days later, mom smelled a really funky smell from the window, so she looked out of the window, and OMG....

she saw a DEAD BIRD. his beautiful little head STUCK to the corner of the roof. OMG. Did these birds just murdered their friend??? wait wait wait, I dont think that happened, but i think when the bird was trying to build his nest, his head got stuck into the corner and the other birds were trying to SAVE HIM by SCREAMING at us!!! CRAZEEE!!

OMG, it was a real tragedy to see him dead and he is a beautiful little dark blue/black bird. We had to poke his head out of the roof and roll him to drop 3 storeys down from the rooftop. omg.

But somewhere out there, a lucky cat will be very happy to be able to feast on this poor little bird.

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