Saturday, August 25, 2012

making a mistake

sometimes when you make a decision at one point in time, it was the right decision at THAT time, and gradually time has change and that decision now becomes a mistake and it comes back to haunt you.

why do i always make decisions like this? there are good decisions and bad decisions, but why does the bad decisions haunts me so much? and the worst part is, when you are making that decision it is not suppose to turn out to be bad at all.

i think it has become a tradition, that i will have to experience one big screw up per year, i feel like i owe everyone an apology for my decisions. i really do not like this feeling at all. sigh. work. 


nostalgia said...

You are not alone, Fei Wen, everybody does. ^_^ I made a decision earlier last year for my engagement to a Shanghainese girl, and later discovered her true character three weeks before our wedding. 真是不幸中的大幸. I do regretted for the time wasted and money spent for the travels and the supposed wedding. If I had end up with this girl, I could have lost even more. Nevertheless, please forgive your past mistakes and move on. ^^ Smile! ^^

Fei said...

hey alex, oh no, i didnt realize the wedding didnt go through, do you want to talk about it? I'm available on fb, pls write anytime!