Monday, May 28, 2012

Inspiring: GSC French Film Festival 2012

at least this time i only missed the first week! thank god that its on for 2 full weeks with small film selection!


only 7 films and the blockbuster "The Intouchables" is highly recommended.
(inspired by a true story about a rich aristocrat paralysed due to paragliding accident and his relationship with his awesome caregiver who was recently released from prison, haha!). The next screening is June 3rd at 1pm, this sucks cos I won't be able to make it. This TOTALLY sucks :(  also The Artist (acclaimed Black & White silent movie centres on a silent movie actor who struggles to recapture his former glory when sound is introduced to films). if you are in Penang, yeah one screening there. sigh.

Father of My Children (about a man trying to keep his family together when he hits rock bottom)
Service Entrance (comedy! about a conservative broker who finds friendship with a group of Spanish maids living in an apartment above his)
Romantics Anonymous (comedy! about 2 timid people who find love in chocolates and each other)
A Cat in Paris (animation, feature Oscar nominee about a cat who is a lonely girl's pet by day and burglar's companion by night)
Korkoro (story of gypsies during WW2)

See below schedule for:
GSC 1 Utama
GSC Mid Valley
GSC Pavilion 

Official Site - FAFF!!! :)

this was a story about non-Hollywood-thank-god-for-rest-of-the-world-films!!!!

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