Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Inspiring: ART.SY

say you love music, and loves Coldplay, 
when you visit certain music websites, 
say Pandora, Hype Machine or Sound Cloud
it will also recommend similar genres or albums
so you can just stream a whole host of music you love, right?

now the same can apply to ART! :) 
ART.SY (yes thats the link) seeks to do something similar.
i'm not on yet but the concept is very intriguing!
its like, instead of window shopping at galleries,
these are collections available online at a click,
and we're talking about millions and millions of artists,
expressing themselves and publishing their work! 
that bulk of inspiration AND ideas AND interpretation.
it will be fascinating! 
yes the below pic is exactly what you think.
i thought its a great talking piece! 
and imagine the surprises you can get with all 
these fine arts recommendation, 
the ideas are endless!!! 

this was a story about new discovery

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