Monday, May 28, 2012

Inspiring: The Beauty of Kapur Tree

unfortunately i did not experience this phenomenon personally, 
it was my bro who described it to me. 
I want to be there too, one day, 
standing under the magnificent canopy of the Kapur Trees.
oh its not impossible, its damn near, its FRIM in Kepong.
(^_^) and we can eat dry bak kut teh after that, wan come?
in fact, wouldn't it be so very romantic to host a 
moonlight dance party just under these trees...? 

"The Kapur tree above exhibits the unique habit of its leaves leaving a gap to avoid overlapping with the crown of a similar tree. This phenomenon, known as "crown shyness", creates picturesque jigsaw puzzle patterns"

look how BEAUTIFUL the patterns are, 
what fascinates me most about Kapur tree is,
the leaves will NEVER touch another tree of the same,
my bro wasn't able to eloquently explain the phenomenon,
but i think in simple terms he was trying to say
the leaves emit some kind of 'electrolytes' (i simply say one)
imagine this, Negative and Negative doesn't go together, right?
and that pushes each leaves away and creates a gap pattern.
How amazing, mother nature and its wonders!!

Suddenly, i have this Kapur tree story that weaves in my head...
see, just like a bitter sweet love story, no matter how hard you try,
there is just no way the leaves can come close to even touching, 
let alone overlap each other because there will always be a gap,
separated, by the law/force of nature, 
these leaves will only be able to create a beautiful image,
by being a stand alone but its not a bad thing,
it is still quite beautiful alone. fact. 

this was a story about beauty.


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I search "kapur trees" to find this amazing picture by google. I would like to include it in my blog. I will show the info where this come from. If you feel any unwell,let me know and I will remove it.


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