Sunday, May 27, 2012

inspiring: little old couple with shopping bags

i shall try to brush up my story telling efforts. i dont have much time but stories that inspires me. i want to share in spite of my tendency to be long winded, i will try to make it as interesting as possible.

so, today was a really hot sunday afternoon when i left Jusco, rushing to my car parked outside the mall. Rushing because I need to pick up my bro from the hairdresser so he could go home and poo poo. OK, thats not the point, but you know when someone tells you they super "kap si" (need to shit!) you better hurry before they poop their own pants right??? So rush lor. 

I weaved through the slightly crowded place like sonic and suddenly slowed down because there was a really old couple in front of me and its a one lane walkway, the sight of their back was what slowed me down. It was a wonderful sight, how so?

Husband and wife. They must be really old, they were really tiny (!) only probably to the height of my shoulder. They were both exactly the same size, with almost the exact same crouch and they walk slowly, as if there are weights on their legs, the uncle was carrying 2 bags of grocery bags walking in front, trudging steadily ahead, slanting sideways because the bags are really heavy, so macho lah. While his wife, was just a few steps behind, she was holding a plastic bag with a medium size cooking oil and was using both her hands and it still looks heavy for her. 

The aunty was very adorable, she was talking on top of her voice because she is telling her husband or more like updating her husband what has happened just a couple of days ago when someone came to visit, because he was a few steps in front she had to talk loudly so he could hear, and he responded now and then as she keep up with her story, while all these are happening I was walking right behind them with the intention to eavesdrop and "sampat", haha. The world suddenly feels a lot more human because my attention is on them and no longer my own problems. It was amazing how stopping and watching and seeing other people live their life makes you realize that you are also very alive in this world.

Suddenly, I was going like, "omg dont tell me they are going to WALK home???" because the mall is near the housing area. I thought I could probably offer a ride, but again this is not Canada, I don't want to freak them out, so I walk closer to experience that energy of love :P (so corny i know!) and they stop when they reach a cute little red Yamaha motorcycle, my heart really went "awwwww.....!!!" and I smiled, I was already walking past them , they were still talking and load their shopping into the bike slowly. It was a very pleasant atmosphere that they are sharing. it was so wonderful I just feel so inspired, it really made my heart smile. 

When I am that old, and my husband would still do grocery with me and still talk to me as pleasant as that. I'd feel really love and blessed. 

.this was a story about love. 

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