Sunday, April 22, 2012

Toasted Tuna Mayo Capers Cheese Sandwich

this is not a food blog, nor a reference for recipe.
 and IT WILL NEVER BE EITHER ONE. i just hate cooking. :)
BUT, there's always first step.
So until i get really bored,
i will TRY to make an effort. 
for one i can feed my parents,
i think thats good enough reason as a start
to overcome that hatred, its not fear, its just hate! 

so i was sick then i craved for this.
cos at least TWICE a week when i was in Canada,
i had this for lunch, cos Scott's sleeping for night shift,
i can't be a brat to wake him up & cook lunch everyday right?
so he taught me how to do this a few times,
and i think i mastered it well. so im missing it now.
but the ingredients here, not so nice. :( 

solid white tuna in a can (key ingredient, TC BOY sucks)
cheddar cheese slices (cos i cant find marble cheese)
bread, mayonnaise and.... i actually found it, CAPERS.
i mean that was the ingredient that i thought 
would be hard to find but its exactly the same
as the one Scott used in Canada (i think!) 
mix your tuna and mayo in a bowl, 
as thick as you like it to be, 
add the capers for flavouring, its the key!
spread that MIX on a good piece of bread 
(this is like 12 grain wholemeal yummy bread!)
ideally you can grate marble cheese on top,
but cheese slices can do for now,
put it in an oven, or in my case,
mini toaster oven until the cheese melts/baked
i dont know how long, as long as the cheese melted
to the way i like it, im happy.
and a big glass of wholesome milk to go with it.
usually i eat 2 just for lunch. so healthy in canada! 


nostalgia said...

看上來很好吃,想不到用capers. :p 其實我有用日本一些香料去加味道。不過我通常是用English Muffin 和 Emmentaler.

nostalgia said...

在上是溫哥華的Alex :D