Sunday, April 22, 2012

Creamy Asparagus Soup + Tricolor Penne

saw this cute Creamy Asparagus Soup on
by the way i think its a good site for novice!
cos the steps to cook comes with PICTURE!!!!!!! 
im not great with following instructions without picture.
so this site is like a saviour for me because i have no clue,
what is easy and what is difficult, i just follow the pictures. :)
i love cream soup but i have no idea its that tricky for starts. :(

Objective: Vegetarian western meal for mom & dad 
Target: Soup + Main 
Venue: Cold Storage to shop, Gohtong Jaya to cook.
Methodology: Recipe on the phone + Recipe on the box
i thought i was pretty smart to spend time on the 
aisle displaying all kinds of pasta, penne, linguine etc
cos i notice the ones in the box comes with recipe,
so that solved my main problem, i just follow list on the box!
but the choices are limited, so i pick the easy one.
TriColor Penne + Bell Peppers + Aubergine + Tomatoes

next for the soup, i keep browsing my phone to find,
thyme, parsley, basil, these are ALL foreign to me,
so imagine my glee when i found them in bags!!!
and thanks to Scott, i was going for a REAL LEMON,
when i remember he showed me there's lemon in a bottle!!!!
and for tomatoes, he always pick the roma tomatoes,
i guess thats a safe pick. as i was shopping, i reminiscent a bit,
his aim to train me in grocery shopping was not wasted. TQ.

 anyway, go to the website if you want the recipe,
this took me 2 hours cos i dont have a blender for cream soup
so i was pressing the asparagus, onions and parsley
with just the spoon.... it was very tiring... :(
so there's residue but its bearable cos its yummy!
the main was very good, i was very please.
mom & dad really liked it, but i know they prefer
oriental food, so maybe in the next few weeks la.
this shopping list cost RM130, 
but i think can cook 2 more times for 2 pax
so i will test this on my brother soon when he's home.

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