Monday, April 16, 2012

think its time.

there's always a first time for everything. that we know.
but even if you have done it before, there is still a first.

how so?

i've made this before, in Canada.
circumstances have change,
and thats the only recipe i remember.

i'm still very sick (oh yeah, sick is a first too!)
its coming to almost a week being sick, this Wednesday,
somehow, i crave this tuna sandwich that i use to make.

Scott you'll be proud if i do make this on my own initiative,
yeap, no one forced me in the kitchen this time, i volunteered.
But wait till i actually make it before you give me a pat on the back,

funny how life is, i ask mom to send me to a local grocer,
cos i was too weak to drive but manage to still walk, or trudge,
went down to western/foreign food aisle in search of the right ingredients,
i look at almost everything in disdained because they were really not awesome,
(i miss SAFEWAY Canada, and even Wal-Mart at that point, honestly)
manage to find something decent that could pass for the ingredients,
paid for it and went home, put everything on the kitchen table,
showtime will be tomorrow. stay tune. :)

1 comment:

ariel said...

wish i could try it next time =)