Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pulau Weh, Banda Aceh

holiday destination chosen, out of no choice, it must be done,
before its too late, meaning before i change my mind again,
but is this destination a stupid choice or a smart choice?
the flight ticket is the cheapest amongst all,
but this is also where the tsunami & 8.9 earthquake is registered on the Richter scale (!!!)

SFX: deng deng deng!!!!

what the heck, with all that's happening on my life,
i really couldnt be bothered anymore, right...?
maybe its a great test of luck to pick this location,
(apparently June 11th is the WORST day on earth in fengshui, uh oh!)
or maybe its just pure stupidity, whatever it is,
it is set and now the trip $$$ saving operation starts!

so i did my research,m it shows me its NOT that bad. :)
got highlands to run to and inland and etc and lots of luck,
and think about budget trip budget trip! NOT luxurious one!

what else is there to lose? you only live life once!

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