Wednesday, July 6, 2011

EDC is a businessman through and through

Salute MV is finally available! YAY!
this song totally reflect EDC's appreciation for the crew,
and reflects his super genius knack in brand association!!
as boss man, he prbbly made sure all the key people
appeared in this MV, a dedication to the crew
who were there through the tough times and now
to see their apparel stores mushrooming in major Asian cities,
beat that, nothing is impossible, he is such a breathe of fresh air!EDC is a natural born businessman through and through
From the day he started ClotInc apparel business,
he totally made sure all his appearance ties in to it,
and the brand association, Nike, Adidas, Nokia etc,
are prbbly big part of cost savings plan for these videos
and they look more stylish than ever if you compared
to the MV's generated from Asia, this is super stylo.
and the reach that he is reaching out to through viral videos
like going to the NYC Bowery for a Destroyer Jacket,
or even in Nike L.A. too, all these advertorial stuff
resonates more than your regular ads
cos they have a personal story and at this age,
where everyone strives to be unique
personalization is everything.
i could write more but i want to watch the video again!

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