Monday, July 4, 2011

arroz y jalapeno made me cry

we had a big dinner at the ranch, mostly Mexican food.
this is Enchiladas, i helped in rolling these yummy things... i didn't know we were going to have rice (arroz en Espanol)
and at the sight of the rice, i missed home,
and at the taste of it, i just started crying!
it was horribly embarrassing how much i miss home...
and Susan (the hostess at the ranch who made dinner),
i think she was just amused how her cooking made me cry!
of cos, eating Jalapeno also made me cried,
but that's obviously for a different reason,
these was delicious, i could handle the hot-ness.but these babies are super HOT!!!
the hottest i've ever tasted!!
we made this for another meal
and i didnt finish cos its TOO HOT!!!
eyes were tearing a little with sweat trickling down, hahaha

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