Wednesday, July 6, 2011

communication breakdown

i just feel so sad working alone at this hour
its like a prison and im banging on the wall
trying to communicate with people on the other side

its so difficult to communicate with others sometimes,
i always think the problem is me, and i try so hard,
but yet i still can't understand them or get my msg through,
its disheartening, and i need to learn not to take it personal,

on days like this, i just wish i dont have to talk to anyone,
it seems that when i try to talk i end up fighting/bickering,
it all stems from misunderstanding and i want to avoid that,
i try to listen, but do i really hear what they are saying to me?

how can i stop being emotional? if im not emotional,
i wouldnt know how to care or empathize with others would i?
being in a virtual office makes me strive so hard to communicate,
is there a million things that goes through my mind?
thats why i cant structure my msg well enough?

maybe i am too expressive? thats why it jumbles up the msg?
or maybe the way i talk is just so weird that nobody understands?
or maybe i dont have enough information to convey better?
how do i improve on this? when all i face is the computer 24/7?


ariel said...

hang in there will ya =)

Fei said...

thank you... i needed it, am hanging on. how's work with u? i fb u later :) im CLEANING THE TOILET AGAIN!