Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hidden Valley Ranch (again)

2 weeks in a row at the ranch!
this week was more outdoorsy
because of these 2 cutest kids everwent wild flowers hunting,
came across wild rose, Indian paintbrush, daisies etc
and wild strawberries hunting!
and their horses, omg. super awesome magnificent looking!
they were in the middle of the field, with one whistle,
Luke summon them like its effortless!
we were feeding grass to them, duh... haha
the trick is to stick your palms out and make sure its flatlots of yummy food for us too in between their breaks
(boys were helping on fixing the hall for Luke & Michelle's wedding)
i've never had a beef slider bun before, its delicious!
and lots and lots and lots of beer, vodka, tequila and FIREBALL
and driving around like crazy in this truck, spilling everything.
life at the ranch. haha.and the boys in their sweatpants all relax and loosen up
with alcohol it did get a little bit crazy like...hmmm
"monday balls", "fruit basket" and "camel toe"...

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