Wednesday, June 1, 2011

meals and days

i wonder if my days are all about the meals,
with each meal that i have,
its a day lived and day pass,
and i wonder what have i achieved?
have i truly make the effort to live the life,
or am i just going to relax and go with the flow?

the first meal when i arrive was soupy noodle with delicious broth
soup has a really calming effect on me, liquid melt thoughts away,second meal, deer or elk im not sure, but its salty,
it has a jarring effect on me because it has a novel taste,
though we can dip it in the familiar mustard and wasabi + mayoand today's dinner, BBQ lemon salmon with rice,
as i ate my dinner my thoughts were elsewhere,
it could be the sunset and it could be because its end of the day,
i get a little bit emotional than usual, and i felt like im drifting,
i wonder what have i done today to make a difference?
the sunset yesterday just before 10pm,
its quite nice to have longer days, i should do a lot more,
and keep myself occupied so i can get use to being here,
in future for a much longer time, so prep work is needed.

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