Friday, June 3, 2011


so here comes the daunting task of making a meal,
i hate cooking and i really am trying to make an effort!
Chef McKay claims he is is way up there with Gordon Ramsay.
so this is a lot pressure on me, and i really hate cooking!
i cant run away from it any longer,
cooking will eventually haunt me, so i better deal with it
even if its only instant noodle, like it can be done in 3 minutes,
but no, I cant just cook everything in one pot,
i even had to set the timer for the eggs,
a separate pot with chicken stock broth to cook these condiments
(fishcake, salmon balls, squid balls, hard boiled eggs)
apparently if you cook just with regular water its BLAH...
another separate pot for the actual noodle broth & mushrooms
it looks presentable but it doesn't taste that great,
Chef McKay says I didn't put enough love in it (=_=)lll,
and that I only put 1 spoon of love instead of 2 spoons.
whatever la, its the first meal i cook here and im hungry,
lets just eat!!!!!

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