Tuesday, May 24, 2011

my boss

it is possible that i can forget the number of times
when i feel really grateful about this because its truly countless.
in my lifetime i've met some really amazing people,
and even if i've met crappy people there's some good in them too,
so i have been really really bloody lucky!
and i want to thank my lucky stars or whatever it is for this.

I had to say a temporary bye bye to boss cos he'll be traveling,
and i wont be seeing him until i come back from Canada next year,
it makes me sad that i wont be able to learn much from him,
you see being away from the team and everybody else,
its not about the attachment, its about learning from people,
learning from examples, learning from other people mistakes,
learning from other people's success, the idea of working alone means
i have to make that extra extra push and effort to learn remotely.

im getting really tired about working virtually from a distance,
(and people might think its cool, its not that cool sometimes)
but with a boss like that, i really want to make all things possible,
he helped me so much in my career, im really REALLY grateful,
the reason i am who i am today,
everyone that i've met and worked withhas influence me,
and i work 5 days a week, reporting to my boss,
in a certain sense, the way he manages us subconsciously
shapes the way we work with people too.
we have to keep up the good things and appreciate it to another level!

this is him today,
in our weekly meeting session talking to Trish in a fake accent. haha!

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