Sunday, June 12, 2011

Le Tour de Fei

Event: Le Tour de Fei
Date: 10th June 2011
Venue: Fish Creek (GIANT) Park
Time: 10am - 2pm
Brought to you by Scotty
Hayaku Subaru is awesome, we can fit both the bikes in there.
Fixing the front wheels.
Featuring the Chinese Birthday Girl in specs.
Audio: woodpecker, butterflies, birds, rivers, rustling leaves,
melodious sunny morning music
Visual: joggers, cyclists, mommy with baby prams,
butterfly catcher, school kids and teachers on scavenger hunt,
variety of trees, budding plants, pavement, gravel, deer,
beautiful houses on the hills in the horizon, steep hills!!Dandelions everywhere, they're not annoying
as they only float by once in a while in the air
as you cycle past themlets make a wish and let it carry it anywhere until it settles
and when the next dandelion is ready to fly,
it will carry your wish and continue to spread until it comes true!
thank you for a wonderful birthday plan,
its too good to be true, i feel like i don't deserve any of this at all,
and my bum, omg, sore from that hard and unforgiving bike seat!

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萨布丽娜 蛋 said...

Babe, your hair is very long now. And you look thinner now! Omg, I miss you alre!! Glad that you are happy now! Mucks!!