Monday, June 13, 2011

Le Salon de Fei

Salon in French means Lounge,
my private little Salon de Art collection
it was a sunny Friday, after a cycling trip,
i'm super inspired to create something to make myself happy,
so i decided to make a mini copy of Monet,
i'm not TRAINED in the arts this is purely a hobby
and please don't be a critique :)
Nympheas, Effet du soir (1914 - 1917)
Monet created a collection of these, i find it hard to copy
the exact same color tone, this is only the 1st attempt,
i'm sure it will improve if i make more copies,
i did this in about an hour its pretty rush cos i was bored
by the time i need to mix the green tones...
and here's the flowers for my birthday, they can be next!
these makes me happy!!! but i dont get paid,
so i have to return to the rat race and earn money.

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