Friday, June 10, 2011

a living love story

i looked out of the window, spacing out temporarily,
we were cruising in the car as the sun sets in the west,
you asked what was i thinking about, i smiled,
its that easy to read my expression, i was thinking about this.
there was a story it seems like it was a long time ago in 2006,
(well it was suppose to be longer like way back in WWII)
I will never forget that trip we made to Prague, Czech Republic,
it was an afternoon where the square was basking in the sun,
steps of tourists dancing and weaving amongst the market stalls,
Prague was magical and condensed with romantic essence,

but i was hungry and all i wanted was food,
we stop by the road and got a local hot dog snack,
i didn't have enough coronas coins with me, the guy just waved,
and smiled at me, i thanked him in English, it was FREE lunch!
i think Ariel and Joanne look at me in disbelief as i ate
we found a bench to sit down, an elderly couple came by,
but there were bird droppings on the benches,
so i borrowed tissue from Ariel wipe it and gesture them to sit

just like any conversations during chance encounters,
you don't really remember where the conversation
begins or ends but it was amazing and life changing.

i'm from Malaysia,
i'm from Israel,
i can't go to your country!
i can't go to your country either!
but i know the Twin Towers from CNN!
haha, you keep up with the times!
well i know Jerusalem! its beautiful!

we may look old but we're very young at heart!
i know, i love your purple outfit, i really do!
oh thank you!

my husband and I were tired to walk with the group
nice to meet you sir, you look really handsome too!
he was more handsome when he was younger,
im sure!
i was in love and still very much in love with him,
life is amazing, life gave us a second chance,

wow...why do you say that? i'm interested.
are you familiar with the concentration camps during the WWII?
this is for forever
she showed me a tattoo of numbers on her forearm,
its a searing pain which brought tears to my eyes,
i have never met anyone from the concentration camps before,
i just hold her arms and i looked at her i dont know how to react,
and she showed me his tattoo of numbers that broke my heart,
we were holding hands as she told me this story
it makes me cry every time i share it with someone
we were lovers and we were separated during the war,
we never thought we would ever see each other again,
at the camp, we know we must stay alive for each other,
no matter what happens we must stay alive,
we kept our belief that each other is still alive and lived,
years and years after the war is over,
i survived the camp and he survived the camp,

but only after many many years we found each other again,
because we believe we will be together one day eventually,
no matter what happens i will find him and he will find me
so this is life, life gave us a second chance,
and it will give you a second chance too

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