Monday, June 13, 2011

Birthday Cake

Connie's voice buzzes in my head every time
someone do really nice things for me
"Fei, if its okay for you to do nice things for people,
why cant you accept nice things that people
want to do for you, especially for you?"I was so emotional today, super, like in tears,
I mean my birthday was like so in the past,
and today, your family surprises me with a beautiful cake.
I was stunned, sitting there, looking at all your faces,
I realize this is really my extended family away from home,
and you are really all I have right now if I need anyone at all,
and my mom and dad would be so happy to know I'll be fine here
thank you again for everything, this is very moving for me,
and i really want to be a better person in every way i can.
as for my wish? its a secret!!!!

1 comment:

yee.wean said...

Happy Birthday my dear.
Glad that you have found the reason to love.