Saturday, June 4, 2011

i swear its every time you come here

James the Man was referring to the bizarreness of the weather
(either its too bitterly cold or unusual tropical monsoon rain)
and the outrageous drama that unfolds at his house,he apologized twice already, once during New Year's eve.
and yesterday, which is a couple of days before his wedding,
but i really didn't mind, i felt sorry that he has to deal with it.
these guests at his house, alcohol OD and emotions riding high,
crying and bickering and UFC drama ensued, like really (@_@)
we already left by the time the crying and bickering starts.
i'm oblivious to the drama because i do not know a lot of them,
and i dont know what to talk to them about so im not involved,
im usually in the living room watching TSN or TheScore
or Miami v Dallas yesterday evening, (basketball is f boring)
i guess James didn't want me to have a negative impression
of Scott's friends (which is him and his guests) in Canada,
especially since everyone seems to know im still hesitant
about moving here and have been making this short trips...
it was funny how James would associate the bizarreness to me,
"i swear its every time you come here"
he apologized as we were leaving and the weather again,
it was either i bring the bitter cold or the torrential rain,
and these dramas, according to Scott, never happened before!
James would, the next day, call us up and apologize again,
and yesterday's drama was pretty crazy,
the guys actually went back this morning just to check on James,
and make sure he is ready for his wedding, that was really nice,
i was impressed.i woke up late noon to a rainy day again,
i dont need any excuse to stay in the house, hehe,
(Jacyn would be so mad at me, she told me to get out of the house)
wah, grapefruit and congee for brunch? im living healthier again.

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