Monday, June 6, 2011

work work work

someone said to me "workaholic" before,
but to me it doesn't necessary mean that being one
and you could produce results required, so its not really
a very agreeable term, i'd rather it be something like
workaresultholic? then that would be nice, work + results.
which is what i really want to aim for, and i need motivation.
i saw these glasses on Friday morning when i woke up
and realize there's much room to improve in the pattern i work,
i usually take a glass of water, head into the office,
sit on the chair all night long facing the laptop, typing,
with short breaks to the loo and kitchen for a drink,
then back to my seat again with a new glass of water
and continue the same routine... 3 glasses means 3 breaks.
is this healthy? am i giving 100% of concentration in work?

in order to produce results, i have the same hours as everyone,
i cant be expecting the same results, so on a different level,
i should be thinking ways to increase 10 to 20% of creativity
in the way i work and improve in different areas and new skills,
so the overall percentage will increase across the board for results.

if i have only 4 hours at each shift, and working alone with no disturbance,
i need to try to achieve the below with strict discipline,
daily and weekly agenda to be set and reviewed, 10mins,
new & flagged emails with one touch reply within 60mins,
time out and break for 10
emails that require thinking and pitching next 60mins
time out and break for 10
block time for calls the next 60mins
time out and break for 10
for the remaining time, it will be to attend to others online,
actually i need to put in some time for research too,
i need to improve on that if i want to convince people,
i really want my results and yes i know i need to enjoy it.
this will only be for a while, im young, i can do this!

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