Friday, June 17, 2011

Dream Interpretation: Snakes

there is this one thing i hate most in the world
even just typing the word disgusts me and i shudder
i cant even look at pictures of snakes at all
let alone look at one at the zoo or anywhere
maybe snake phobia or ophidiophobia whatever.

This morning, I cant wake up from my dream,
I was surrounded by snakes cages outside a house,
i can't tell if its frontyard or backyard,
but there are TWO very significant snakes,
the largest one was a big bright yellow/white fat ass snake,
(yellow snake dream interpretation)
chomping on food with its back against me in a unlocked cage,
above it a big black python/cobra slithering around the tree,
(black snake dream interpretation)
coming downwards and may be heading towards me,
there were other mini ones slithering outside the house,
they are everywhere and i cant wake up!!!!

i can feel fear creeping in, but i was breathing fine,
its like i know i wont be harmed i just need to get out,
in the dream i manage to escape to a back door,
as i look back, neither snake was looking at me
I even manage to walkover the mini snakes,
I came to a green slope I was comfortable
I can smell and and see snakes them from a distance,
they are always around its impossible to fight them,
i feel like i was hiding from someone, i dont know why,
i should be hiding from snakes right?

i think i waited for a long time just laying on the slope,
2 men arrived in a van, it was confusing,
i think i know them but i have fear about them too,
i cant tell if they're going to help me or not,
but i stood up and walkover to them anyway,
snakes are still around me and then i woke up.

its very unsettling to have a dream like this,
so i Googled and look what i found, mixed answers

  • snakes are predominantly a symbol of fear and also a sexual symbol. They say every woman dream of snakes at least once in her life and the interpretation is often fear of a rival or fear of the male gender. It may be speaking to you of the fears around sexual expression that you may have. The serpent stands for physical drives If something is not right in that area of life, the snake dreams can come. Now often by the time the dreams come, it is also signifying healing of this area or the desire to balance this area.
  • Another meaning of snake is letting the old go and accepting the new. Because snakes shed their skin. You could be afraid of something new coming to be or you may be stepping into something new with ease. It does feel however that with the Cobra and it being so big to protect itself with the way it is built that you are trying to protect yourself from things that are happening around you. It feels like you want to accept new things but are afraid of being hurt, and thus you can sometimes attack and get your back up instead of just accepting.
  • To see little snakes, could denote you will entertain persons with friendly hospitality who will secretly defame you and work to overthrow your growing prospects
  • To walk over them, you will live in constant fear of sickness, and selfish persons will try to usurp your place in your companion's life
  • if you see a snake in the countryside on the grass, river or field then this dream indicates that somebody in your life is currently being disloyal
  • You have feelings for somebody that you have not yet understood and the snake represents is time to face up to your worries.
  • Yellow is the color of illness, alerting you to take better care of yourself.
  • Black means solitude or loneliness is ahead.
  • Green represents travel.

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