Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Herbie, Happy Birthday!

Dear Herbie, even though you've been quite naughty this year,
but I still would like to say thank you for being in my life,
from the very first day we saw you and gave you the name
Herbert, you've melt us with pretty eyes and chubby smile, You discover your love to travel and from then on
you also spread your charm yo make friends with anyone,
if it hadn't been you, we would know a lot less people,
your sense of adventure (for example trying Durian)
inspired us to also explore new things like never before
you take life like a dandelion and float wherever it takes you
as you grow up, you did learn to fall in love
again and again with nearly everyone you met,
until you met Isabella (we are still searching for her!)
throughout the years, you also had your serious moments,
where you would learn about things and keep maturing,
though i hope you dont watch turtle porn secretly again!
i was sad to know
but you also learned your Beer habits from Papa,
but what to do 有其父必有其子
nevertheless its been an amazing since 2007
seeing how you can talk to anyone about anything even kids!
i know sometimes you meet some new people
who didnt like you for who you are, just take it in your stride,
and think of the dandelion that you like so much and float away
before i end this, i would like to show you
the latest picture taken in Key West, Florida,
remember? we met Alice & Joe who was watching sunset,
this reminds me why it is amazing to have you around,
it is for moments like this, where you just being you,
puts a GREAT big smile on everyone's face!
happy birthday Herbie, may you be well and happy
(and polite and nice to Shecky & AQQ!!!)

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