Tuesday, February 15, 2011

3 Rosak iRobot becomes 1 Roomba the iRobot

lets get to know the characters first, starting with

This is PAGI (its the dog la... not me...)
name derived from the word Pug Dog, Puggy...
he is an automated dog, the type that barks & moves
when you touch him or makes a super loud sound,
or if he 'sense' strong movement around him..
bark bark bark bark.... and pounce!! This is Roomba the iRobot
a smart cleaning robot
designed to get the cleaning job done faster
(does this mean i dont need to do housework anymore???!!)
but Scott did not buy this brand new iRobot,
in fact he bought THREE iRobot (spoiled/rosak)
from kijiji.ca for only $10 for all 3 iRobot
he spend all night fixing it, and sends me this email
(this is the picture before he fixed it)
Msg from Scott:
Here are the before and after pics of one of my roombas,
he is all fixed.
Pagi didnt like him though,
the rumba bumped him and pagi attacked!
It was too funny!

1 comment:

六月 said...

Scott know how to fix this thing ?!
Did Pagi also act as the alarm to wake his master from bed every morning? XD