Monday, February 7, 2011

things noticed in Miami & Key West

giant sand buckets on Miami beach
with toys suitable for the beach of course!
PISCES, it feels very Greek, the font and the colors
but we're in Key West, Florida...
it reminds me of Felice and Wan Jiun ( i think???)
whats so interesting about this tap????
notice how its bend forward?????
when you push it up thats when there's water,
and the stronger it is the more backwards you 'bend' it,
for temperature, move side to side, left for hot, right for cold,
actually this was one of the FUNNIEST things noticed,
we went out ALL DAY and came back to a room to this sight
the house keeping staff actually POSED them properly like this,
facing the TV with remote control near Ang Qu Quay, hahahaha!!!

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