Wednesday, January 26, 2011

why it is amazing to talk to strangers (sometimes)

through all the people that i've met over the years with work,
i come to realize that even though i'm worried about strangers,
(u see i tend to over-think that strangers are out to get you)

but i also realize at the end of a meeting, what strikes me the most,
would be the people i learn most about, not just about their work,
but just them as a person, their personality, dreams, thoughts,
ambitions, problems, desire, likes, dislikes, every little thing,
its a sincere feeling to know them and weird as it might seem,
i want to be able to make their day better, its totally WEIRD!!!

a lot of times im not sure if its culturally right or polite
to say things or act certain ways with complete strangers,
but then again to be really comfortable to talk with a stranger,
i find that one of the most rewarding experience ever,
wont you agree?

it could be a random make up touch up in the ladies
where we chat about the most mundane topics,
but also over a unscheduled longer meeting on things
that is not just work related but person related,
and with someone from a completely different culture,
sharing perspective on specific things and thoughts,

and even though my job is sometimes stressful like hell,
(like yesterday, or the day before or last year)
i just have to look back to these days when i meet
at least 10 strangers a day and that amazing conversation,
that one thing they said that stuck to your mind
and you know they are really a human just like you and me
not someone out to get you or make your life tough.

i guess this is one of those days where i want to
make a difference for someone and hopefully
my conversation with them had been rewarding for them.

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