Thursday, January 27, 2011

Scenes of Blue Jellyfish & Seagulls on South Beach, Miami

interesting to see these blue jellyfish washing up the shores
was very tempted to poke it with a stick... (mean...)
and Scott just googled it, their tentacles are dangerous
and could kill! i was walking with my shoes off too
there are some (crazy) people swimming in the cold water!
i was busy taking pictures and nearly stepping onto it
if not for Scott's paranoia warnings i just might step on it
and the big seagulls are eating them up by the beach too
although this seagull below was cut into half
when the photo was taken, but i really like it,
because of its footprints and just the whole feeling
of watching it waddling around....
it wasnt the most sunny day and its unusual,
cos according to the locals and residents here,
this time of the year it suppose to be nice with blue skies
sunny mostly, but this is cloudy and windy ......
hopefully sun will come out soon!

1 comment:

ariel said...

the blue jellyfish is pretty!
so romantic strolling along the beach with seagulls.
i like the shot too, plus the footprint =)