Saturday, January 22, 2011

Miami, Florida, USA

apart from CSI:Miami and sunny state Florida,
i can't really call anything else i would know about Miami,
technically i am suppose to return home to resume work,
but my boss send me a note in December informing me
that there's a business conference where i should attend,
mainly because i'm already halfway here and Americas zone,
happens to be my market at the moment, so it made sense.

to cut a long story short of a very troublesome and visa wait time,
i finally got a business visa and i start to plan for the meetings,
so far so good, but somehow this time it feels different,
mainly because my colleagues wont be here at the meetings,
all the meetings will have to be on time and not overrun,
because nobody will be able to stand in for me,

and i realize, this would be the first time im visiting USA,
i hope things will be just fine and that it will be a wonderful experience,
i really do hope so, and all the meetings and people i meet will be really nice.
and yes bring some business back for the company!!!!!!

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ariel said...

all the best babe!
you have all my luck~