Saturday, January 29, 2011

Travelling Through Florida Keys

i'm not familiar with the geography and attraction of Florida,
Scott did some research on driving south to the Florida Keys.
I look at the map, the Keys are little dotted island in the south,
our destination is Key West, the most Southwestern tip,
you could say its like John O Groats, North of Scotland or
maybe Kudat, which is the East of Sabah.
Keys is derived from the Spanish word 'cayo' meaning little islands.
From this map you can trace it like a long road down south,
approximately 3 hours+ of drive from Miami to Key West,
we did not stop at any other Keys but it was a truly scenic drive,
and also hot (tanning) drive because of this rented convertible,
it was a nice choice cos i've never really sat in a convertible,
and it was really affordable, we are on a tight budget,
and this choice adds to the experience driving by the seaand an interesting historical thing that you will notice is this,
this sign is at the END when you reach Key West,
this is call the Mile Marker, and pronounce as MM 0 (zero)
for example, we started from Key Largo in the North,
say the MM will be 100 from North, but as you travel south,
the MM will keep reducing until you reach the end of south
(article here: Mile Marker)
this is actually not my picture because we had too little time
to visit this specific post and landmark for a picture.....
but if you're looking to conquer the TIP point of every country,
Key West is another recommendation to fulfill that desire!

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