Monday, January 31, 2011

Palm's Hotel, Key West

i think its been a while that i realize the reason i like to travel,
its moments like this when passing by a place you learn and learn,
i know there were hurricanes around specific parts of the states,
but i couldnt imagine such beautiful place (the keys) in Florida,
being hit by hurricanes... and here are the bridges we drove on,
i suppose the structure must be strong and hurricane proof
this is also the first time that we DID NOT prebook a place to stay
and as expected i am worried as hell we have to sleep in the car!
but Scott assured me that he did the research, all we need to do,
is go to the Tourist Center , where they provide free service,
to advice on place to stay, things to eat, sights to see and activities,
i love this idea and they work around your budget too, within 20mins,
we've decided to stay at a B&B - Palm's Hotel, 820 White Street
the city is so very quaint, and this B&B is quaint too!
it didnt take us long to realize that this is a great holiday place
for retirees, older couples, a place at a leisurely pace.
we were just happy to be there and without the hype
of techno clubs or crazy drunks, this historic little city
(Hemingway was here before in this city before too!!!)
it made a fine impression and i would recommend it to
any elderly couple (ie parents) to drive here for a trip!
for the price we paid, Palms Hotel service & amenities
was worth the stay, clean, quite, cosy, and holidayish,
the houses here in key west are very beautifully designed,
many of them are special, with unique touches and colors,
lots of decorations and colors but simple and homey too
and of course Herbie was thrilled to be in the USA too!
yes its really sunny and we got a tan too
mainly because of the long drive and being out in the sun

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