Monday, January 3, 2011

洗刷刷洗刷刷 before & after

its CLEANING DAY!! Scott was sleeping cos he worked late.
he showed me all these awesomely strong detergent stuff,
so i put on the disposable gloves (they're GREEN, so niceee)
i definitely prefer CLEANING anytime over COOKING.
interesting, each chemical product is meant for specific area!
in malaysia, can gau tim everything with cloths + water nia...
the hairy sight of the sink/basin,
cos Scott shaved his hair every other week, eewww....
not just Scott, but i'm the culprit too,
my long hair strands (or balls of it)
everywhere in the bath tub!!! and the stains on the side...
obviously humanly germs in action
i dont understand why it stains!
so i start with the shiny counter top with Lysol spray,
WAH LAO, 眼睛看不到真的不代表是干净的咯!
I am also pretty inspired by the book
完全仁收无能 (一个台湾生女眼中的日本)by 收无能
its about a Taiwanese girl who lives in Japan,
she wrote a chapter on cleaning toilet the Japanese way!
haha and i'm cleaning toilet the Canadian way...
next i use LOC to fill up the basin and leave it
to kill the germs and after that i wipe it down clean
WINDEX for mirrors,
the chemical was so strong i coughed a couple of times, ew..
back home i only need to use old newspaper to clean mirros nia...
BAM for the tub stains, scott warned me its strong,
so after i sprat the tub like crazy and its surrounding areas,
i close the bathroom door and wait for 10 minutes,
when i went it, it was nice and easy to scrub it down clean!
of course i had to also mop the floor,
clean the toilet seat and its surrounding areas,
in the end it looks really clean and feels really clean,
compared to my bathroom back home, this is better,
maybe its time to invest in chemical products
for the sake of 100% hygiene.... SEEEE.....???


yee.wean said...

get him a nicer shaver la!

jooknun said...

everytime i done cleaning with the toilet i feel very strong with my own 成就感!!!! i should take pictures of before and after too~

Fei said...

jun, you should!!! its like a big applause to yourself too, now i understand how you feel!! :)

yeewean, haha i dont think its the shaver its his big head so definitely will fly everywhere, he shaved his head la...

cassieandrea said...

haha yeah! it's great to have the before-after feel!! i can just stand there and stare at it, smile with satisfaction! whahwhawha hey happy new year to you ah fei =D

ariel said...

very sophisticated way of cleaning.
keep up the good work hao tai tai! XD