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Edison Chen & Kanye West 我认为超级相似的地方

顺便点这里全选播放陈冠希最新中文专辑 CONFUSION 吧 。

I was just thinking aloud about icons from the West & representation of the East. For example, for every Michael Jackson, there is a representation in the form of Rain (Bi) the Asian Michael Jackson. Now when it comes to the connection with Edison Chen, I actually think of Kanye West!! Ideally I want to say Jay-Z, but Jay-Z is in a class of his own, and of course Kanye West reside in a different sphere, where oil and water comparison doesnt work.

I mean if you just look at the surface similarity between Kanye West and Edison Chen, they are CRAZILY similar!!! i can write longer post but right now this is what i can remember.

The Scandal...

After the hiatus...
  • EDC is everywhere now - in magazines, TV, blogs, events, fashion and you hear him sing about his appearances and trend setters in many many songs from the brand new album

  • Kanye West is everywhere now — in magazines, on television and (of course) on Twitter where Kanye followed a fan on Twitter and turning the fan's Twitter world upside down.
Twitters & SINA...
  • EDC - posts (almost) on a religous basis on his CLOT blog and SINA (WEIBO), in fact his post on SINA works like Plurk and Twitter, he can be connected to you in real time and on his thoughts on things etc, the point is, it is a very personal commercial touch.

  • Kanye West - he is extraphenomenally famous on Twitter, boasting almost 2mil followers, and somehow you will find his Twitter post super hilarious and maybe insightful, i remember this vivid description about Kanye's Twitter post from TIME "He has now written more than 300 tweets, ranging from the insightful ("Don't you hate it when you say bye to someone then yall get on the elevator together and it's like, now what?? Awkwaaard") to the spiritual ("God is good all the time") to the probably intoxicated ("all these tweets are sponsored by Grey Goose!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahaaaaaajfftujgcjcg"). "
Their public persona (charming or Lan-C?)

  • EDC's persona - i always feel that EDC has this really tough act going on, some haters might even call it Lan-C (arrogance), but when you see how he talks about the people he works with, it is humbling to know how hard he tries. And next you hear it on his songs where he raps it back to people (especially Paparazzi) and even certain things about how the world is screwed up but he believes there's good in it. In short, its hard to summarize any person in one paragraph. This is the only DIFFERENCE that I feel between the two of them. and I have to say, in this really pumpin and motivated message at the beginning of 2010 from his CLOT blog, compared to his success by end of 2010, you gotta give him the hat and respect the man to actually achieving it, anyone who manage to keep a resolution, EDC did it and that is in a way role model on determination. I'm guessing he hardly sleeps and just kept going. "2010 promises to be a big year for ya boi EDC, i am going to be coming back HARDER than ever... i am in the driver seat of my life and can’t nobody hold me down, not the press, not the forces that be, the only person that can stop me is ME."

  • Kanye West's persona - (Source TIME) instead of re-emerging with a humbled, PR-friendly persona, he bounced back with "Power" the album a retort to everyone who has ever belittled him and reverting to what he knows best: bombastic rap. He likens himself to superheroes and Napoleon, then hits us with a beat that overwhelms us until we see no other worldview but his. "Power" reminds us why we tolerate Kanye in the first place: the man knows how to make music. Kanye will definitely get his attention.
Michael Jackson?

  • EDC - a track entitled as "Man In the Mirror" in the latest Confusion album, but just in my personal opinion that might be a tribute to the famous Michael Jackson title but rewrote entirely as a different song nothing close to MITM

  • Kanye West - I have to admit I have not listen to the album yet but he does have a Michael Jackson tribute "All of the Lights." too.

Sam Spiegel?

  • EDC & Kanye West both worked with Sam Spiegel to make something the talk of the town - Spiegel is a famous producer in his own right, he is the man behind EDC's Mr Sandman (1st track of Confusion) which takes it to top of the chart and also the man behind Kanye West's famous "Glow In the Dark" tour. Of course, personally I would very much like to say Jay Chow also collaborated with Kanye West, just like Jay did with EDC haha !!
Looking forward?

  • EDC - he is going to have a SOLO concert!!!! OMG!!! can you imagine that??? i mean i have to admit so far his live video singing is not that great, BUT BUT BUT his mandarin songs are pretty sing along and it would be nice to be able to test it out in a real EDC concert and how much songs i can remember and not out of breath!!! hehehe

  • Kanye West - more crazy outbursts and a brand new chart topper album? Oh wait, the album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fate is already out!
All researched materials, thanks to google.com and all related websites!

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