Saturday, January 1, 2011


i havent written in a journal for a long time,
mainly because there's no more room to keep a journal,
imagine i have at least 1 to 2 every year since 13 years all,
the drawer is pretty full combined with my other scrapbooks,
so far online seems like the best solution to write things down,
paperless and unlimited storage, albeit not private....

scott's mom bought me a nicely bound journal for christmas,
i love it, its just the right size and lots of room to scribble,
because its so beautiful and new, i'm very cautious when using it,
im not sure what i will write in it yet specifically,
but briefly i think i will use it as my visual map
and compile Top 100 Things To Do Before .... kind of stuff,
haha, you have to write it down somewhere to remember it.
its new year's eve today, im sure there will be a lot of reflections.

happy new year 2011 to everyone,
we are stepping into a new decade, new century!

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