Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day from 10am to 10pm (part 2)

not the best picture to post, but what the heck,
thats the NEW puppy for Scott from Santa,
it is a pug dog, i dont like them cos they dont look pretty,
but since this is not real i can carry it happily,
(will post a video when i have time, this dog BARKS!)
and holy smoly, i got 2 EXTRA turtles this year
its pretty incredible that they have not CLASH just yet
notice the 2 BABY TURTLES?
baby blue and baby pink with AQQ,
hula hoop competition before dinner
Christmas is incomplete without Turkey,
so here is the main event
Turkey, pickles, celery with cheese, olives, carrots,
brocolli, potatoes, gravy, fried yam
and after that super tired, cos they say eating Turkey
makes people tired, i wonder why???

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