Tuesday, December 28, 2010

careless mistakes will cost someone's else precious time

at work.
it is very very embarrassing and morally dejecting,
to have a document prepared and sent, to be resent back to me,
so i could make amendments and resend it again...

next thing you know, there are still mistakes within the documents!
its incredibly terrible how i can not be perfect in checking my work,
i tried and tried to check it numerous times, but there's always mistakes,
discovered by someone, makes me feel very lousy for being careless,
because of my carelessness, someone else had to do the checking,
which means they are doing my work, how can i accept that?
my carelessness means wasting someone's else precious time,
this is unforgivable.

but i am super stressed out trying to be perfect,
trying to attain something better,
trying so hard to climb up the ladder,
sometimes i try, but cant seem to enjoy life or work,
because i am always afraid of my mistakes,
its really a very heavy feeling almost feels like a punishment.
i have to be extra careful, extra attention and extra cautious,
but i also need to learn how to relax and let go, balance...

its 1230am now, i should really stop working and go to bed
and be ready for a 12pm discussion call tomorrow. its work again.


sia said...


i share your situation, one of the blunders i did recently resulted 1000 copies of user manuals; 500 packaging box; 2000 leaflets; to go wrong; because i "thought" things were 100% when i confirmed the artwork.

i've learned that "finding own faults" is really an art to be mastered.

for time being, i'll cross check with each other; it's just so easy to proof read/check others things; and it's easier to ask someone to check ours.

therefore there's accountants and auditors. I believe it's really hard to check own works, therefore we have team.

if all things fail, and have little time, one of the way might be sending the files back to us, and have us checking before sending out; to minimize the fault, although risk still there,

but, have faith! cheers!


Fei said...

hey zh, thanks for sharing, i felt really crappy when that happened. wow 1000 user manuals, i hope you manage to find solution to it...

yeah u r right abt asking more ppl to check, but u know sometimes some ppl expects you to already know it, especially 3 years in my job its like this really normal task but somehow i still manage to screw it up, even though they are not angry at me, but i can tell i took up a lot of their time to check my mistakes, i didnt feel good about it and really dejected,

i guess u r right, have faith and of course extra cautious...