Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day from 10am to 10pm (part 1)

it was fantastic, almost surreal,
we step into the house and we smell breakfast,
walk into the living room the tree look grandeur
than ever and most beautiful, we put all the
presents we brought for the family & friends,
there were no more room and we have to stack it!

while Uncle and Aunty is making waffles & eggs for breakfast,
we went down to the basement eagerly
to open our Christmas stocking stuffers!

everyone has one stocking, and they stuff it with ALL KINDS
of mini gifts! from scented candles, travel journal, stuff toys,
chocalates, candies, cute little things and fill it up to the top!

after our brunch, it was past noon so Tyler was the appointed Santa,
he will pass out one gifts to everyone at the same time,
once everyone got one gift each, we will all open at the same time,
its really nice and its fun to take pictures of all the happy expressions

and the first gifts that we opened was our
Pyjamas Pants!!! mine is red with ribbon i love it so much!!!
it really does feel like we just woke up for Christmas, haha!
we spent almost an hour or so just to open every single present!
there was so much love in the room its such a peaceful loving day,
part 2 of the Christmas Day coming soon!

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