Sunday, November 14, 2010

Eve of D-Day

so i trimmed my hair a little, in chinese tradition, it could also signify, a new start.

and i was not suppose to meet anyone i know today (except for my dad of course) this is in order to get myself ready for the departure tonight/tmr morning. But i had to break my own rule and meet mary and connie for brunch, it was morning, so it was nothing too emotional. thank goodness.

reason that i do not wish to meet anyone i know before i leave is because i need plenty plenty PLENTY of time to get over saying goodbye to people, being an over dramatic person, i sometimes dont know what to say to people because seeing them makes me want to stay back and not leave. so i never ever want to see anyone on the same day im flying, its very sad for me.

SOOOO i am sooooo looking "forward" to that long haul flight, i think it would be "fun".

i will unpack my bags and repack again. big sigh, planning early doesnt seem to work this time. i am never ever gonna be ready for this.

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jooknun said...

good bye miss fei~