Sunday, October 31, 2010

I like to watch Luke Donald, but I just gotta tell you about Rickie Fowler too!

a friend mentioned the likeness between
Rickie Fowler (left) and Zac Efron (right)
i googled and it is indeed they are holy s*** alike!!!!
this came about because of the recent, FIRST ever,
i repeat its PGA in Malaysia!!!!!!! its near to impossible
to fly the players halfway around the world to play in Asia,
and this doesnt even count to their ranking, prize money list,
but still with US$6mil as extra pocket money,
even the guy in the last place gets US$50k...
who dont want to play neh??????

i think Rickie Fowler is just what we need in golf,
(after they had Tiger Woods a decade or so ago)
only 22 years old, a sensational young golfer,
an inspiration to junior golfers too
sponsored by PUMA, i like the way he dress,
very youthful, eye catching and bold statement,
an epitome of fun for the (sometimes boring) golf!~
i truly wonder how he packed ALL his golf shoes??
i guess you just have to be that good to be able
to carry such bold extravagant like colors....
or you could just attribute it to age, because he's young,
he can wear anything at all and still looks fine
apparently Fowler always wears orange on the final day,
the state color of Oklahoma, hometown bah...
i think his cap is really cool, very hip hop style,
instead of the usual curve in, what we called
"duck beak cap" ahahah "ya she mao"
haha, dont be confuse with Zac Efron (below) playing golf!
dont they just look alike in some way???
i googled further, Rickie's full name is actually
Rick Yukata Fowler, he's got a quarter Asian heritage!
(Yukata from his Japanese grandfather)
i'm not sure how OUTDATED is this news,
is this his girlfriend? google results seems to show it is,
well i guess the hardcore fans would know la....
if you're fan you might wanna check out his first vlog here
again, i'm happy that Malaysia's got a PGA event, woot woot!!!

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