Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First Snow!

i've experienced snow in canada before, during my last winter trip.

but the concept of first snow is amazing!
i arrived in canada at 10celcius, they call it cool weather.
and scott told me about the news of "warning of snow"
i asked, why is it a warning? its only snow!
he said, cos when it snowed, especially when it first snowed,
people kelam kabut, have to plan for transportation,
most people are encourage to take public transportation,
to reduce vehicles on the road to avoid accident.

he opened the window and ask me to memorize the look of the city,
i did, then went to bed. apparently, it did SNOWED ALL NIGHT!
i woke up to an amazing sight (its still dark) but the everything
is now fully covered in WHITE PUFFY SNOW!!!!

experiencing first snow is amazing, scott is like a happy kid now,
he said he can wear all his winter clothes which is stored in his cupboard.
i guess this is a nice point, to look forward to all the seasons in a year....
okay i better get going, need to shower, despite the cold!!!!



creative hamba said...

it's so good...no need to shower lar..hahahahahaha

ariel said...

make snow angel! xoxo

yee.wean said...

yeah...i saw my first snow scene in scotland highland!