Friday, October 1, 2010

new shoes

i remember the conversation with the girls
at berjaya times square after C+C event long long time ago,
(and ChoonSiang was the only guy there, he got no choice but to listen lol)
we girls were complaining about how short life Vincci shoes are,
esp the shoe nail, it comes out like super fast!!!!
and then when you buy flats after a while the middle will crack!!!
felice was like thinking to herself when that happen
that maybe the way she walk was too ganas, too rough
BUT it turns out we all had the exact same experience with Vincci shoes,
apalah ini, so lousy one... but it was such a funny girly moment...
and we were comparing Vincci to Nose brand too,
most of them said Nose's shoes quality are better,
true true, so today i tried to shop at Nose (after many years)
but man, the colors were so executive n boring!
black, brown, white, beige mostly,
they do have colors but its just not exciting enough,
half reluctantly i walk to Vincci again,
eh ON SALE wo!~

with the size of my feet, i dont think any sizes are left.

and suddenly i saw a couple of really nice colors, RED!!!!
one of it i already have the same design but beige color for work,
it was on 70% sale!!! (well i bought it last December)
so the discount after about 9 months make sense la...
anyway the colors reminded me of what i said to the girls
a couple of days ago when we were at beng and lily's wedding,
cos at their wedding i was wearing my yellow shoes, and i said,
i really wanted a red, blue, purple, pink etc shoes in all the glorious colors
and TA-DA right now i actually found one!!! and the price is 70% off,
COME ON, have to buy right???
and lavender purple, sorry room light not good enough.

its not the most ideal design cos its a repetition
but the colors, the height, the size, the price!!!!
its a sign that i should buy right?????
so buy lor. how cheap was it? RM30+ only,
original was close to RM80, muahahaha~~


ariel said...


jooknun said...

i think vincci price getting higher and higher

RM30++ definitely 賺到鳥~!!!