Sunday, October 3, 2010

Harley Lane - the boy who lost both his arms & legs

it was the picture that first caught my eye,
i really wish this family will be able to make it through,
they've come this far
Harley Lane was like 3 yrs old in a battle with meningitis,
his arms and legs were amputated and his heart stopped 3 times
which means he almost died. just reading this news report tears me apart.
his parents and him (only 4 yrs old this year)
is trying their best to lead a normal life Read more here
Harley 去年5月感染腦膜炎,引發敗血症,
and now he can go to school and is really enjoying it,
gosh he is only 4.... life is so much tougher for others,
most of us really need to learn to appreciate ours

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