Friday, September 24, 2010

Bling Ring Gang

a group of teenagers robbing Hollywood stars????
this magazine article attracted my attention at the hairdresser
and i was totally like, whoa,
what in the world is wrong with the world??? why???
have you heard of the Bling Ring Gang????
they're between 18 to 19 yrs old, and if i dont remember wrongly,
they do live in posh areas in LosAngeles too (read: bored rich kids??)
their modus operandi is targeting and following celebrity twitter,
and when the celebs tweets that they're not at home
this gang of teenagers will start their operation
(TIPS: never ever tweet or facebook status
to say you're going somewhere,
because you might put yourself or family in danger!)

how do they know the celebrity addresses?
apparently they can subscribe to a website,
pays a monthly fee and locate their addresses

who do they target?
interesting, i think they target mostly female celebs
Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Megan Fox etc
Notice the YOUNG female celeb being target pattern????
these female celebs may have recently worn a dress or jewellery
which of course become the object of envy of many

now the Bling Ring Gang who will wait for the opportunity
when these female celebs are out (which obviously is quite often)
and ransacked the house, sometimes targeting specifically an item,
sometimes taking more than what they came for, cash, designer labels,
one even stole Orlando Bloom's painting collection.....
they dont even sell a lot of them, keeping them as stolen trophies

i mean whatever they did, steal, break in,

it is still a crime,
there's so many ways to look at this,
behaviorally, psychologically, driven to do this,
is it a crave for fame? to be like one celeb?
cos one of the gang member was already in a reality show,
and one was an aspiring actor,
maybe one wanted to be a socialite
what strike me as interesting was, the ring leader Rachel Lee,
now that's because the article, keep stressing on her Asian heritage,
which i find so m***f*** super racist
for the magazine to even angle it this way in their article
(they didnt even talked about the african american member!)
apparently Rachel Lee migrated from Korea,
according to her classmates,
Lee dressed very trendy, things like what celebs wore
she was seen as cool, throw the best parties,
when everyone wears jeans and shorts
she would come in fancy jean skirts and tops etc
pic: Lee and Prugo
summarized from Nancy Jo Sales
(a write who profiled the burglars for Vanity Fair)
when Prugo (a shy member of the bling ring gang) met Lee,
Lee was everything Prugo is not,
she was powerful, popular with a wild streak,
while Prugo on the other hand is timid,
searching kind of personality,
she bring him into the ring of popular friends,
showed him the best parties in LA,
and trouble starts of course,
Prugo said that Lee was obsessed with celebrities life,
watching reality TV shows etc, when they enter the 1st house,
its almost like shopping for that specific thing
that she saw someone wore on TV,
its freaky and way too creepy kinda of crime
its like writing down a shopping list
and started hunting for it in someone's else home!!

man i can never understand kids these days,
but this is prbbly unprecedented,
i guess they got what they wanted, FAME.

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Fiona said...

I read this in Vanity Fair! Isn't it wild? Apparently Lee was really really obsessed with Lindsay Lohan and wanted to live her life. Also, she was quite wealthy to begin with, and didn't actually need all these things she stole.