Wednesday, October 27, 2010

it is only common to have different sides

it started with the book Half The Sky (Nicholas Kristof & Sheryl WuDunn), its prbbly the one and only book that i would buy one or two more, and to mail it to anyone who is interested in reading it and pass it on, its all very moving, life changing experience reading it, its problems that we know exists, and focusing on women who made that change, i know it might sound impossible or high and mighty or way ambitious to some, but when you hit that page, where rape is used as a war of weapon, and tell me that you truly did not cry for the women who was raped... not once.... but multiple times....

a few weeks later, an article linked from a friend, The D.I.Y. Foreign-Aid Revolution, its written by Kristof, it has the same effect of the book and you can read it here first to get an idea of what the book could be all about.... and the idea is to cultivate a culture of altruism, and i think thats what we all can do

also from the same friend, she forwarded yet another interesting article, Don't Try This Aboard, by Dave Algoso, an article reasoning that completely talks about the other side of things to the above mentioned articles, saying why amateurs are not the future of foreign aid, come on man, no one's claiming that this is THE future, what everyone can do now is merely set the wheel in motion, all revolutionary ideas start small, started with someone who tried and fail many times before they succeed, im like, what are you talking about man???

the point here is, it is only common to have different sides of argument, but there is one side of things that you can choose which would make a difference, we obviously cant change the world, but we sure can make that 1 dollar worthwhile, or that 1 idea worthwhile and keep the wheels moving, we cant paint the larger picture of a perfect social world or economical business model for a poor village, but we can definitely make the corner of the world a better place, and if no one is even trying, the world would be a hell hole, so iregardless of what Algoso wrote, i still think that even if you think you are not able to change the world, trust me, you can... we can all do something directly or indirectly.

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